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The Belleek team have been getting into the festive spirit and created a Christmas Video to showcase our 2017 Christmas Collection to get you inspired.Featuring: Belleek Living Ripple Tableware with Aynsley patterned mug sets, to unique hanging tree ornaments, cutlery & glassware, with Gin & Tonic glasses and luxury Galway Crystal Decanter Sets.The Dresden decorators existed because of the nearby great factory of Meissen, but were not one and the same.Heck, in many cases, they didn't even buy their whiteware from Meissen, but sourced from other much cheaper factories from further afield.So, in other words, if people recognised the fine china as obviously German, they might be less inclined to by it, or so the theory went.German export marks were therefore became less specific, than their equivalent English marks, and therefore more tricky to identify.Our German & Bohemian pottery markings archive shows that Germanic porcelain marks are often less easy to identify than English marks because at the height of the demand for fine china towards the end of the 19th century, the German makers were trying to sell into the huge English speaking markets, but without necessarily making it obvious their items were of German origin.

The snag was, the threat of war was constantly bubbling and there was such emnity between the Germanic peoples and the English speaking peoples at that time, that the English speaking countries tended to want to avoid German porcelain if possible.

Eventually, someone came along who knew the answer, took the time to post a comment on the thread and now, because we make sure we can get found by Google search, this mark is now common knowledge for everyone.

If you take into account the big picture explained above, an obscure mark on finer porcelains can therefore often indicate a German porcelain mark (most often seen are late 19th century items - the height of production).

Vintage-inspired and nearly two centuries old, the brand is known for crafting beautiful and elegant pieces for the most discerning collectors.

With a pedigree dating back to 1815, Royal Doulton began as a stoneware company in Lambeth, London.

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There were hundreds of small Dresden decorators, but today we can recognise only a few of the marks.

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