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At first, the plan was to develop a new operating system based almost entirely on an updated version of OPENSTEP, with the addition of a virtual machine subsystem — known as the Blue Box — for running "classic" Macintosh applications.

When Jobs announced at the World Wide Developer's Conference that what developers really wanted was a modern version of the Mac OS, and Apple was going to deliver it, he was met with thunderous applause.

After considering the purchase of Be OS — a multimedia-enabled, multi-tasking OS designed for hardware similar to Apple's — the company decided instead to acquire Ne XT and use OPENSTEP as the basis for their new OS.

Avie Tevanian took over OS development, and Steve Jobs was brought on as a consultant.

It featured an object-oriented programming framework based on the Objective-C language.

This environment is known today in the Mac world as Cocoa.

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