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A service coordinator is a social service staff person hired or contracted by the development’s owner or management company.

The coordinator is responsible for assuring that elderly residents, especially those who are frail or at risk, and those non-elderly residents with disabilities are linked to the specific supportive services they need to continue living independently.

When a vacancy occurs, we call the names on the waiting list in order of date and time of application.This procedure ensures that the subsidized housing is made available only to the very low-income individuals.We will provide these income limits by phone if requested.If you are currently receiving, or expect to receive, social security benefits please include a copy of your current benefits letter with this application.In elderly or disabled households, expected out of pocket medical expenses (those expenses not covered by Medicare or insurance) in excess of 3% of the gross income are treated as a deduction. All of these expenses must be verified by your doctor, pharmacist, hospital, or insurance company.

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If you have a change of address or telephone number, you should notify this office by telephone or letter advising us of these changes as soon as possible.

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